Sculptural architectural buildings

Kernehuset was architecturally inspired by IrmaByen’s landmark, the distinctive Kaffetårnet, which is right next door.

Kernehuset was erected as a sculptural architectural building with prominent variations in height and transitions.

The facades appear vertical, thus creating a fine union with the upwards-reaching and distinctive Kaffetårnet. The alternate retracted and protruding facades provide a vivid expression characterised by the interplay of light and shadow, emphasising the building’s strong architectural diversity. The spatial qualities are also highlighted by the elegant flow of the building’s structure, from 7 floors to 6 and 5 floors towards the east.

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Impressive flow of light

The penthouse floors were created so that the inner residential retreats make the most of the sun’s journey from east to west. The building’s structure is scaled down to the south, making use of the same architectural concept as Kaffetårnet. From a distance, you will perceive the building as sculptural, while a closer look will reveal the carefully crafted details.